“We are on a journey ourselves to make [HPE GreenLake] simple, to make it easy to deploy solutions and consume them. But in the end, make no mistake, it’s going to be the entire company inside GreenLake.” – HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri

HPE GreenLake is an award-winning portfolio of cloud and as-a-service solutions. It’s also continuously evolving, with HPE regularly announcing new developments, platform expansions, acquisitions and partnerships which can make it somewhat overwhelming to try to keep up with the $8 billion as-a-service business.

So here, we’ve put together some of the newest GreenLake additions you may have missed out on.

HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models (LLM) is a public cloud service, enabling any enterprise or SMB to privately train, tune and deploy large-scale AI through an on-demand multi-tenant supercomputing cloud service. This new service leverages HPE’s supercomputing power, its AI software stack, the HPE Machine Learning Development Environment, and other relevant services to train and deploy large language models. HPE GreenLake for LLMs runs on an AI-native architecture uniquely designed to run a single large-scale AI training and simulation workload, and at full computing capacity. With GreenLake for LLMs, organisations won’t need to build their own on-premises supercomputers, instead using HPE’s AI software which will be powered by nearly 100% renewable energy.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition is a significant expansion to the platform, providing an ‘as-a-Service’ update. Allowing quick deployment of virtual machines on private cloud, on-demand, HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition is built for the edge, focusing on automation and simplification. Based on interviews with CIO-level leaders across companies, Constellation Research estimates that rebalancing from public to private cloud is, on average, 50% less expensive, 65% more performant, and twice as fast for development cycles1. HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise enables enterprises to streamline and modernize across their multi-gen IT with a fully managed cloud experience for bare metal, containers, and VMs in a private environment.

In March 2023, HPE acquired OpsRamp. By adding software from OpsRamp as a SaaS offering, HPE GreenLake platform customers can leverage OpsRamp for full stack observability and automation of assets and applications across heterogenous, multi-vendor, and multi-cloud estates. These unique capabilities provide customers with a powerful tool to drive automation and simplicity, and lower costs, across hybrid cloud estates.

There are also new enhancements to HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise. Edge computing has gained immense popularity, but numerous edge solutions remain complex and inflexible, relying on monolithic structures and rigid appliances. To address this, HPE has extends its fully-managed IaaS experience to the edge, offering a simplified, transformative solution to address complexities associated with deploying cloud across distributed enterprises.

Available through GreenLake, HPE announced new file, block, disaster and backup recovery data services designed to help customers eliminate data silos, reduce cost and complexity and improve performance. The new file storage data services built on HPE Alletra Storage MP delivers scale-out, enterprise-grade performance for data-intensive workloads, and the expanded block services provide mission-critical storage with mid-range economics.

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