All Electronics Corporation

D3 Disaster Recovery Saves Time, Money, and Delivers Peace of Mind Industry Retail Company All Electronics Corporation specializes in surplus electronic and electro-mechanical parts and assemblies. Since 1967 the company has catalogued a huge stock of pre-owned and new electronic parts from around the world. It offers an ever-changing selection of products by phone, mail […]


Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Industry Food Distribution Challenge Operating across multiple business units, GWK provides an array of services to farmers such as consulting on planting and mechanization, organizing grain and livestock auctions, and procuring the plants and seeds themselves that provide the country sustenance. A complex organization with diverse divisions and functions, GWK?and by […]

Big Four South African Bank

Reducing costs for one of South Africa?s big four banks Industry Financial & Banking Challenge The banking and financial services industry is a core pillar of our society, and ensuring businesses like banks operate efficiently is critical to our global economy. As one of South Africa?s four biggest banks, this institution is a key player […]