About the Axiz and Blue Finity Partnership


About Axiz:

Axiz is an industry-leading information technology value-added distributor focused on solutions ranging from Edge Client Devices, Core Data Centre hardware, and software to Cloud software and services. With over 50 leading brands in their portfolio and presence in 8 countries in Southern and East Africa, their results-driven focus enables them to offer uniquely tailored solutions to their channel partners.

Axiz is a subsidiary of Alviva Holdings Limited. Alviva Holdings is one of Africa’s largest providers of information and communication technology products and services. The group comprises of focused operating subsidiaries that specialize in their unique product and service offerings.


About Blue Finity International: 

Blue Finity markets Evoke, a cost-effective, rapid app development platform that provides the complete environment for your existing staff to design, develop and deploy business apps across multiple devices (IOS, Android and Windows phones, and tablets, plus Windows, Apple and Linux desktops). Evoke can offer a low code or no code route which can evolve into fully customizable native apps as you require.  It allows you to confidently create web, hybrid, and even native apps (as it generates into Visual Studio and Xamarin projects), and to fully integrate and synchronize with existing back-end systems and a wide array of both SQL and MultiValue databases.

Blue Finity is committed to a continuous development program for Evoke, ensuring its partners and customers will always be able to take advantage of the very latest technological innovations to deploy multi-platform, multi-operating system based business apps.

Value Proposition

In September 2018 – BlueFinity International has signed a strategic distribution partnership with leading South African technology distributor, Axiz, for the supply of Evoke, BlueFinity’s innovative rapid business app development platform, to South Africa and other African markets.
Evoke is a low-code/no-code RAD platform that allows a company’s existing staff to cost-effectively design, develop and deploy business apps across multiple mobile and desktop devices, allowing for the creation of the web, hybrid and native apps and the full integration and synchronization with back-end systems and databases. The solution is completely flexible and scalable and will allow businesses to future proof their apps, so they can evolve in line with their own development and growth.

The partnership will enable Axiz to distribute Evoke to customers across the continent as well as providing for the support, development, and implementation services associated with the development of business apps. Axiz will also employ Evoke to design and develop its own apps for the benefit of its customers. For BlueFinity, the partnership brings with it the support of Axiz’ experienced technology, development, and sales teams which will allow it to expand the, already rapidly growing, Evoke customer base into new markets.

The market demand for mobile apps globally is growing rapidly. Analyst firm App Annie estimates the global app economy will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021, a 380 per cent jump from the $1.3 trillion app market in 2016. This is in part fuelled by increased smartphone usage. Evoke is helping companies meet that demand.

Both companies see huge potential for growth in South Africa. According to Google’s 2017 Connected Consumer Survey, 60 percent of South Africans now use a smartphone, an increase of 13 percent since 2014. It is estimated that the number of smartphone users in South Africa will expand to over 25 million by 2022.
Also Evoke’s ability to generate solutions that can integrate both SQL and Multivalue databases into the same desktop and mobile app offers great possibilities to Axiz’ clients. The MultiValue market in South Africa in particular has been asking for a full-function mobile business app development system for some time.  Evoke is currently viewed as one of the most significant additions to this market for many years as it offers a truly mainline product for Multivalue.

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