Remoteq is committed to pull out all stops, to make it as easy as possible for our sales and marketing teams, both internal as well as our Partners’, to sell our world-leading cybersecurity products and leading cyber training courses, within the SADC region. The Remoteq Sales Playbooks offers valuable insight into our offering, and also includes product brochures and world’s best training information.


Remoteq ICT Solutions (hereafter referred to as Remoteq), a Black Owned (Level_1 B-BEE) company has been established years ago, with a deliberate intent to become a leading black owned ICT, Cybersecurity and Energy conglomerate in the SADC region. The company functions under the leadership of Willem Coetzee, as the CEO. Besides a passion for efficient border control systems, he is also involved and passionate about cyber and electronic warfare, and discuss (on a regular basis), effective strategies and execution plans to detect and combat threats to port security in order to, among others, prevent massive disruption to the country’s safety and the global economy, at large.

Because we have taken a cautious decision to first and foremost, secure strategic partnerships and to obtain exclusive rights on international best-of-best Cybersecurity solutions, you’ll find that Remoteq hasn’t been really visible and active in the local industry. Remoteq also affianced with the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) on Cybersecurity for the next 5 years, which place us in a perfect position to become the technology partner of choice for SADC. This partnership has enabled Remoteq to commence with joint-development initiatives between Remoteq and CSIR, based on Cybersecurity solutions from South Korea, like e.g. Web Server Safeguard (WSS); for the continuous protection of Webservers.


Initially, the Axiz- Remoteq partnership was concluded based on:

  • Cybersecurity products & solutions (SPiDER TM – SIEM Solution) (Pentoma – Pentest, based on AI)
  • Cybersecurity Training (World-leading training platforms and curriculum)

However, Remoteq do cater for the complete range of products and solutions, when it comes to ICT (Smart Solutions), Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics.


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