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Our mission is to power your business with simple, secure, and scalable IT to work the way you choose.

At Axiz we supply technology that can supercharge your business and help make your ambitions real. No matter how big your business is today or where you’re heading, you need IT that’s easy to deploy, simple to manage, and enables your teams to collaborate and access applications and data securely from anywhere.

As a specialist technology distributor, we at Axiz apply our insight, energy and know-how to bring vendors and partners together to drive business. We’re investing in the future, innovating and improving how the channel works, accelerating digital transformation for vendors, partners and end-customers.

Axiz - The leading digital technologies and services distributor

Provides technology intelligence to our business partners through the supply of world-class products and a host of new and exciting in-house services.

  • A comprehensive product and services portfolio
  • Partner Enablement
  • Multi-Tiered Partner Journey
  • Dedicated Cisco Team
  • Partner Ecosystem
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Small Business Portfolio

Discover a range of product, software and networking solutions ideal for SMBs.


Start setting up your small business network solutions today with switching, routing and wireless solutions from Cisco Designed.

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Small business network security protects against malware, phishing, ransomware and spyware. Learn about SMB threats and secure your network.

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Teams can meet and work faster, smarter and more effectively with small business collaboration tools and online meeting resources.

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Data Center

Get simple, affordable, and highly secure and reliable data center solutions for any size organization. Learn about hyper convergence, data storage, and backup

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Flexible Financing

Flexible financing and remanufactured equipment for Cisco solutions, making the inclusive future accessible to everyone.

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Partner journey

Transforming Your Customer’s Digital Future. Together.

To us, our partners are more than just buyers of products, software and services. They are partners that we interlock with at their level of technology adoption. We engage our partners where they are at in the ecosystem and provide guided engagement to get them to their succeeding level on their journey with Cisco. From Certification, digital enablement, consulting services and designing tailor made solutions with competitive pricing, Axiz will provide a multi-tiered partner journey that assures joint value creation to help grow and transform businesses.



The first part of the journey starts with qualifying our partners and focusing on cultivating the right relationships to create an ideal partner profile that can expand into new complimenting Cisco technology verticals.

Who can Qualify?

  • Dormant partners
  • Inactive in a specific architecture
  • Eco system partners
  • Non trading partners

SMME Incubation

  • Development
  • Resourcing
  • Advisory services

Qualification Criteria

  • BEE/Special Conditions
  • Market Expertise
  • Resources
  • Geographic Research
  • Company Size
  • Ecosystem Readiness
  • Market Focus
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At Axiz we help our partners with joint business planning and creating measurable outcomes to help them become an active participant in our ecosystem. We do this by on-boarding our partners onto our journey and registering them as an active Axiz and Cisco Partner.

What happens during the Recruit phase?

  • Understanding the resellers landscape
  • Joint planning and outcome

We provide partners with:

  • Sales and/or Technical Training
  • Market Expertise
  • Presales Assistance
  • Sales and/or Technology Support
  • Business Planning
  • Ecosystem Play
  • Identify Opportunity
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Partner enablement focuses on sharpening the business skills of our Cisco and Alliance Partners to be able to share the full advantage of the Small Business Solutions portfolio to their end-users. At Axiz we offer comprehensive Small Business enablement sessions and Bootcamps, focusing on the value of the Cisco product portfolio, solutions, architectures and services.

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At Axiz we help our Small Business partners accelerate their business, whatever partner profile they are. We do this by aligning with our partners and helping them adjust their growth plans as technologies change. We educate our partners on the latest Cisco tools, templates and programs available to help them achieve business growth goals and becoming a leading Cisco Small Business Partner.

What happens during the Grow phase?

  • Overcome the partners’ resource constraints to grow
  • Expose partners to adjacent opportunities
  • Link partners to partnerships
  • Sponsor the partners’ access into the market

How do we help your business grow?

  • End-User Engagement
  • EBC Sharing
  • Joint Inventory Planning
  • Resource Sharing and Pooling
  • Adjacent Specializations
  • Co-Funded Lead Generation
  • Geographic Reach
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In the transformation phase, our Small Business Partners’ transformation strategy consist of effective Sales and Marketing plans and the ability/expertise to be able to identify opportunities for joint selling. At Axiz we help our partners track and identify success factors of initiative and service offerings as their business evolves.

What happens during the Transformation phase?

  • Formal process to engage in transformational activity
  • Typically requires investment ahead of the curve
  • Leverage our software consumption expertise
  • Facilitate their vendor and market credentials
  • Build a digital presence
  • Assist with the transition from product to services led value to the market

How do we help your business transform?

  • Dispense their Services from the Platform
  • Ecosystem Opportunity Creation
  • Data Migration
  • Renewals Lifecycle Management
  • Cloudlock
  • Training and White Boarding
  • Digital Services Catalogue
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Getting the most from Axiz and Cisco

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