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Earning specializations is a great way to show customers you have in-depth knowledge and expertise in specific technologies. They can help you differentiate and stand out from the competition. Some of our specializations are prerequisites for our certifications, which help give you access to discounts and rebates. Earn our Advanced and Master Specializations to get even more incentives. Access trainings and exams to achieve specializations; helping you to qualify for certifications and earn incentives.

How do specializations relate to certifications?

Partner Certifications reflect the breadth of a partner’s skills. Requirements for Partner Certifications include Partner Specializations, which reflect the depth of a partner’s expertise in a specific area. Requirements for Partner Specializations may include Career Certifications and/or Specialist Certifications, both of which reflect an individual employee’s expertise in a specific area.

Become an expert in Cisco Designed for Small Business with the Express Specialization – Small Business track. This track is defined by cross-architectural offerings, with end-to-end solutions designed specifically for small business customers.

When you specialize you can...

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Get recognized for your specialization in our Partner Locator.

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Use incentives and promotions to help you win business and boost your bottom line.

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Accelerate your sales with expert training.

Here’s how it works

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Get ready...

If you are not a Cisco partner, you must first become a Cisco partner.

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Review each specialization requirement on the relevant specialization page.

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Apply for or renew a specialization.

Why the Small Business track of the Express specialization?

  • Develop expertise across the Cisco Designed for Small Business portfolio to better enable you to support the diverse needs of your small business customers
  • Gain the competitive edge you need to accelerate success in the marketplace by becoming a trusted specialized Cisco partner

Requirements for the Small Business track

The main requirements for this track are:

  • Maintain a sales role and a technical role filled by different resources.
  • One required exam for the sales role
  • One required exam for the technical role
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To get and keep a specialization

Review the requirements to see that you qualify. Apply and agree to the terms and conditions. After achieving approval, ensure that you maintain the requirements. Renew your specialization annually. (Partner admin must apply and renew).

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