Cisco and Axiz are bringing better solutions and processes to the MSP community.

With Cisco Solutions for Managed Service Providers, Cisco’s strong commitment to delivering outcomes in a service-on-demand ecosystem is getting even stronger. If you want to expand your MSP practice and profitability, Cisco and Axiz can help you:

• Differentiate your brand with Cisco-certified expertise and solutions.
• Consolidate vendors, lower per/head costs, simplify aaS billing, get to market sooner.
• Keep up with industry trends and best practices.
• Increase utilization and the number of endpoints and users you manage.
• Add innovative services to your monthly contract without needing more techs.
• Cement your role as a trusted ITaaS provider capable of orchestrating success even as your customers grow and their needs evolve.

Cisco MSP is the pathway to MSP success.

Cisco took the risks,
MSPs share in the rewards.

A big factor behind Cisco’s success is their
willingness to take calculated risks on acquisitions.

Now is the time for Managed Service Providers to
take full advantage of Cisco’s investments in 100%
cloud-managed networking and comprehensive
multi-layer security.

The Value of Cisco Solutions for Managed Service Providers

• Managed service creation
• Managed service acceleration
• Partner profitability
• Partner acceleration

Cisco Meraki. An MSP’s dream.

Powerful networking: Cisco Meraki

On top of a full-stack Meraki foundation, your cloud – services MSP practice will thrive.

Switching, next gen wireless access
points, SD-WAN capable firewall,
surveillance cameras, endpoint
management, communication, analytics –
full stack or component-by-component.

• Zero-touch provisioning saves truck roll outs
• Reliability and 100% cloud-management reduces ticket noise
• Update, upgrade, scale, troubleshoot, patch – remotely
• Ease of adoption reduces the time you spend training users

Advanced Security for MSP and Clients

Cisco makes Security-as-a-Service easy and profitable:

  • UmbrellaMulti-layer peace of mind: Cisco Umbrella.  Umbrella is your first line defense and part of Cisco’s industry – leading security portfolio (Try Umbrella FREE)
  • AMP – Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints
  • Stealthwatch Cloud – Detects threats across networks
  • Duo – The leader in two-factor authentication
  • Meraki MX – An SD-WAN capable firewall

Cisco Webex

Videoconferencing, team workstream communication, cloud calling – Webex is #1.

• Offer clients anytime, anywhere collaboration
• Your clients don’t have to book flights for meetings
• With the Cisco Webex collaboration suite, they can meet remotely
• Combine calling, meetings, teamwork in a flexible, affordable subscription

Explore Cisco Webex

How can you get more profitability
out of a Cisco MSP Partnership?

“Cisco-certified” has its rewards, Axiz has your process. We can:

• Get you registered and enrolled in Cisco CMSP Express Tier Program
• Help you understand how to position Meraki as an offer
• Show you how to consume and provide Umbrella through MSLA
• Help you take advantage of financing offers
• Support your practice with technical and business acumen training
• Keep you up-to-date on new co-brandable demand gen campaigns
• Keep you informed about new Cisco Managed Service solutions and services

Cisco Solutions for Managed
Service Providers (MSPs)

New opportunities and bigger profitability for Partners
in the fast-growing as-a-Service space.

To get started with Cisco,
contact Axiz today.

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