Work is no longer a place where employees go, it’s something that they can do from anywhere. As small businesses adopt new hybrid models for work, business leaders are looking for secure collaboration and networking solutions.
But, in the rush to keep businesses running, many small businesses have adopted piecemeal technologies that aren’t meeting their needs because they aren’t scalable, secure, reliable, or intuitive. Now more than ever, Cisco partners are the experts that help customers get maximum value from their IT investments while helping them get set up for long term success.

A great offer—for you

Cisco Designed Work Your Way is a complete hybrid
office solution for security, collaboration and networking
that has been built specifically to meet the needs of small
businesses. The Work Your Way solution offers you:

• An instant solution to your customers’ most pressing
need: how do I keep my employees connected, secure
and productive, even when they’re not in the office?
• A complete yet simple solution that’s easy to position
to non-technical small business buyers.
• A source of recurring subscription revenue and
services opportunities.
• The flexibility to adapt the package to suit customers
with existing Cisco products.
• Opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell the rest of the
Cisco Designed portfolio.
• Instant access to upfront discounts that speed up sales
cycles and help you improve profitability.
• Long-term satisfied customers.

And your customers:

Simple yet powerful networking, security and
collaboration solutions to keep employees productive,
wherever they work.
• Flexibility for the entire office to be anywhere and
everywhere people log in.
• Intuitive security against the threats that matter most
to small businesses: email, weak passwords, and
internet- borne threats.
• Secure access to all applications, data and team
• Reliable and secure products from one of the world’s
most trusted technology vendors.
• Cloud-based solutions that are easy to buy, deploy,
manage and use.
• A simple and competitive per user, per month price.
• An end to piecemeal technologies from multiple point
• Flexible payment options from Cisco Capital.