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The world in which we live and do business is changing. Everyone is managing more data and more complexity, and responding to new opportunities the likes that our industry has never seen before. And we’re doing all this at an unprecedented business speed. IT is at the heart of all this, and is what propels the business. The pressure on IT is only mounting and accelerating.

Why Converged Infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure allows you to use compute resources in more efficient and cost-effective ways, lower IT management costs and increase the speed of software and service deployment. Many see converged infrastructure as the first step in the evolution toward a service/software-defined infrastructure. It offers:

  • Simpler management infrastructure
    Centralizes server management, network and storage to streamline day-to-day maintenance
  • Scalable storage capacity
    The common fabrics and protocols built into converged infrastructure make adding gigabytes much simpler and faster
  • Faster provisioning
    Reduces a three-week provisioning time to under an hour
  • Faster IT response
    Provides the agility to respond to marketplace changes and business priorities
  • Easier path to cloud
    Makes it easier to implement private or hybrid clouds
  • Greater control
    Enables simultaneous management of multiple functions and devices
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Together Axiz and HPE can build a Converged Infrastructure on your site, deliver it on an outsourcing basis or using cloud technology, or we can deliver a hybrid combination. Take the next step by contacting your HPE Sales Rep or your trusted HPE Partner Representative. Or, to learn more about the HPE Converged Infrastructure strategy and portfolio, visit: