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Axiz HPE Partner Connect Program FY22

We are excited to present the Partner Connect Program where we will connect you with an opportunity to:
Help you reach NEW end customers , build stronger business’s and more successful partnerships

Connect with the Axiz partner community to learn more about the benefits of the building partnerships. Get real-world answers to your questions and make use of Axiz experts to help you grow your business

Core Pillars of the program


We will provide you with information on other partner businesses though our complete business overview where we will share business interests, value propositions and goals to help define the type of partners and partnerships you are looking to connect with


We will connect you with a technical or expert competency across HPE technologies with our bill of materials collection and our showcase of joint offerings


Work with the Axiz HPE Marketing Pros for some tips on Digital Marketing, website must-haves and social selling using the partner ready tools available on Partner Ready Portal