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Join the Aruba partner networking program, but first sign up as an HPE Aruba business partner.

Why Aruba
Aruba itself is at the forefront of the “edge of the network” or “edge-computing” market. That’s a market that telecom analyst Chetan Sharma predicts in Bloomberg will grow to more than $4 trillion by 2030.
If you are looking to grow your business during these trying times, consider expanding your portfolio to include high demand value added products with synergy to your existing business. Register as a reseller today and gain access to industry-leading products as well as world-class support.

Joining the Aruba Partner Ready for Networking Program together with Axiz’s team of experts, partners will be able to grow their businesses while enabling their customers to experience first class networking solutions.

Now is the time

The COVID-19 pandemic will have far-reaching and long-term effects, one of which is the transition to an entirely work-from-home environment, connecting remotely with their peers, and increasingly using internet services for both work and entertainment. Demand for remote access solutions has been the “dominating” request since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s a huge rise in the work-from-home use case and a dramatic increase in demand. Remote access solutions are critical now and they will continue to be key in a post-COVID-19 world.

What are the Benefits
Some of the benefits you will enjoy by becoming an HPE Aruba business partner includes but not limited:
  • Substantial discount benefits, Deal Reg via HPE Portal with your HPE Partner ID
  • Incentives – Base Compensation (Upfront Benefits)
  • Business Development support
  • Partner enablement tools, training and education
  • Technical support

Steps to become a HPE Aruba Business Partner:

1. Please send us the following details to and use the subject line “hpe aruba business partner sign up”
  • Legal Company Name or Trading As
  • Primary person’s contact details:
    • Email Address
    • Telephone Number
    • Cellular Number
  • Company Registration Number

2. You will receive a reseller invite from HPE, please complete and submit it online

3. On successful submission, you will receive a HPE Aruba Partner ID within a few days which means that your application was successful.

4. Now you are eligible to grow as a competitive Aruba reseller, with the Aruba Partner Ready For Networking Program (attached).

About the Aruba Partner Network Program:
Learn more about the Aruba Partner Ready For Networking Program.
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