About the Axiz and Citrix Partnership

Axiz traditional business model centers around “ face to face “ engagements with their partners and identifying technology solution roadmaps for success, this has been the core for their Citrix partnership which in return has assured partners a successful joint value creation.

Axiz long intuitive relationships with a vast business ecosystem both locally and in Africa and its brand partners to the Citrix business have resulted in the promotion of Citrix products through tailored solutions or services relevant to acquiring the customer’s success.

Value Proposition

Axiz is the sole distributor of Citrix solutions. Citrix is all about transforming the future of work in providing the employee remote unified access with secure connectivity to data, flexible connectivity WAN, and ease of access for remote workers. Keeping your sensitive data safe utilizing real-time analytics. Having the ability to have workspace anytime, anywhere and this experience emanates to increasing productivity for the organization and customer engagements. Citrix is a game-changer. Those who use Citrix reimagine IT that drives business growth and create new ways of working.

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Lerato Maqekoane | Presales Engineer
Lerato.Maqekoane@axiz.com | 073 479 0604

Rochelle Naidu | Business Development Manager
Rochelle.Naidu@axiz.com | 084 549 1464


Chantell Kirk | Marketing Program Manager
Chantell.Kirk@axiz.com | 084 701 4553