About us

At Axiz, we supply technology that can supercharge our partner’s business and help make their ambitions real.
Our partners need IT solutions no matter how big their business is today or where they are heading that are:

  • Easy to deploy
  • Simple to manage

  • Enable teams to collaborate and access applications and data securely from anywhere

As the leading technology distributor in Africa, with a presence in over 15 countries, we at Axiz apply our insight and more than three decades of industry know-how to bring vendors and partners together to drive business.

We provide technology intelligence to our business to drive new and advanced technologies to the market.

Our Value Proposition

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Our Core Value System


Respect the diversity, values and aspirations of all stakeholders


Conform to ethics, internal policies and requirements by other organizations


Ongoing innovation and growth of our products and services


Consider the interests of society for the impact of stakeholders, community and the environment


Dedication to and the fulfilment of our promises made

Sustainability Portfolio

Axiz is committed to taking continuous action to improve the environment and conduct its business in an environmentally responsible manner. Adopting environmental standards and practices to minimise our impact contributes to our overall group mission.