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We engage our partners where they are in the ecosystem with the brand, solution or services relevance they are acquiring for their customer’s success.

From certification to digital enablement, we provide a multi-tiered partner journey that assures joint value creation.

Edge Technologies

Our Edge Technologies offers hardware and software supplies while establishing warehousing, credit, and logistics capabilities.

Our over 30 years in the industry have made us specialists in DISTRIBUTION AT SCALE.

This gives us ­the power to analyze and aggregate data close to its source using Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

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Cloud Technologies

Our cloud solutions are tailor-made for your specific needs, offering everything from secure and cost-effective cloud infrastructure to top-of-the-line software platforms and applications software.

Our services are designed to help your clients overcome any challenges posed by the ever-changing digital landscape.

Collectively, with our industry-leading Axiz Digital Platform and cloud eco-systems, we demonstrate our ability as trusted advisors to assist and direct our partners and their end-customers on their journey to the cloud, modernisation, and digital transformation.

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Become A Reseller Through The Partner Journey Program Designed To Assist You Through Every Step To Provide A Zero Day Start In Any Technology Vertical.

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Advanced Technologies

Currently, housing over 35 of the world’s leading software and hardware vendors, Advanced Technologies focuses on future-facing technologies, which require a more sophisticated sales and engineering capability.

This is an incubation hub for partners, and often your clients, to join on state-of-the-art vendor technologies in a viable ecosystem.

Get a first-hand experience on how vendor technology that considers scope, design, and solution to solve very specific and complex business challenges.

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Get a first-hand experience on how vendor technology that considers scope, design, and solution to solve very specific and complex business challenges.

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Solar Technologies

Serving the South African and Sub-Saharan markets, Axiz Solar Technologies remains true to the channel-centric model, setting up critical partners in each market and supporting them with the best solar products, training and credit.

Solar Technologies is currently the only Level 1 B-BBEE solar distributor in South Africa.

Axiz Solar Technologies, with solar modules, trackers, both string and hybrid inverters, storage solutions, and off-grid kits, is well-positioned to meet the needs of small-scale installers right through to the supply of large-scale Commercial, Industrial and utility-scale projects.

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Solar Technologies

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