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With our multi-vendor platform, Axiz simplifies integration possibilities into a simple system.

In simple terms, the Axiz platform offers a single integration point to develop and maintain which reduces maintenance overheads for your business.

Our platform also gives you the option to add or remove brands from your store view.

4 Great Reasons To Transact On Our Digital Platform

Secure Shopping

We work with trustworthy payment solution providers, to ensure your checkout is safe and smooth.

Awesome Service

Axiz delivers across the country through our reliable delivery service providers. You can choose the delivery options to suit your needs.

Great Choice

With more than 50 vendors and thousands of products – your business can purchase everything from Microsoft Office suites to routers

Tailored Pricing

Once registered as a reseller, Axiz tailors the product price to your business. Coupled with no petrol costs, no parking fees, and no delivery fee, you will find that Axiz is a cost-effective, convenient way to shop.

Advanced Pricing System

Axiz has custom-built an Advanced Pricing System (APS), which gives your company the capability to deliver ’managed pricing’ as a service to your company and clients.

Simply put, we can use APS to calculate your price in your store and display it to your clients.

With the added value of the system only needing you to configure it once, therefore reducing the manual effort and saving you time.

Open API

In the digital era, we all know the power of big data. Our integration endpoint lets your business harness this power by connecting your system with our digital platform.

Our Open API (Application Programming Interface) integration enables two applications to communicate.

We also offer Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) integration which gives you the power to transfer and receive files between two remote systems.

Three Reasons To Use Our Integration:

API delivery

Users can easily create, review, or access API endpoints.

Enhances Security

Ensures authenticated and authorized access and applies security policies automatically.

with you

Axiz enables you to customize your store that scales to meet your business needs.

Order History

Order history is a convenient way for a partner to keep track of all current and past orders. It allows the partner to get up-to-date information on each order placed online, including shipping updates, delivery, and payment details.

Axiz offers three main functionalities. The first is the ability to export your order history to MS excel once an order has been placed. The second benefit is to view your order history. Here, you have the option to view your order date, estimated delivery date, status, order quantity and much more.

Finally, Axiz offers the capability to search for previous and upcoming orders. Here, you can filter by market, partner and order date. The search function uses the order reference (AVA reference or Sales order reference SORRSA number).

Deal Manager

Make customised configuration decisions seamlessly using the Axiz deal manager to construct your business’s product selection through our self-service portal.

With our automated system, you can build your solutions bundle and see pricing as you create it, in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, using the power of our advanced pricing system you can see the qualified discount calculated at your buy price.

Use Deal manager and receive solutions in real-time without the need to contact anyone at Axiz.

Create a store

With the world on the cusp of the 5th industrial revolution, Axiz is harnessing this power to provide a digital platform with the transformation journey of our partners in mind. With our white-labelling solution on the Digital Platform, we combine our platform services with your company’s brand. We also offer the Axiz-built Advanced Pricing System (APS), which delivers managed pricing-as-a service to your business and clients. This has the added benefit of removing hidden costs that are added when using a 3rd party licence. Therefore, enabling more competitive price options or higher margin returns for you.

This capability allows you to:

  • Select who can access and view your store.

  • Create multiple stores depending on your choice of brand/s and product set.

  • Have full control over who can see your store.

  • Filter by brand; product type; stock; specs; features; and price.