About the Axiz and ExaGrid Partnership

Axiz is an appointed official distributor in South Africa for ExaGrid. Through the partnership Axiz will leverage its extensive reseller network to deliver tailored ExaGrid solutions to customers.

Value Proposition

Axiz is focused on delivering technologies that will assist customers with their Tiered Backup Storage projects. Through the addition of ExaGrid to its portfolio, it will be able to provide customers with a solution that supports the fastest backups for the shortest window. Exagrid together with Axiz brings a new idea that is differentiated as valuable. By providing a solution that is the leader in a nascent market, partners can create a meaningful, profitable business by being the first to introduce ExaGrid to their customers. ExaGrid’ s unique approach to backup storage delivers the fastest backups, restores, VM boots,and offsite tape copies as well as the only fixed-length backup window as data grows. In addition, ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture and various size appliances allows customers to buy what they need as they need it, avoiding disruptive and costly forklift upgrades. Customers are able to mix older and newer appliances in the same scale-out system, eliminating product obsolescence and protecting their IT investment up front and over time. We continue to stay ahead of the innovation curve to help partners maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace and look forward to doing more.

Products and Promotions

ExaGrid’s Tiered Backup Storage for backup product line consists of seven appliance models. Each appliance is sized for a full backup and for long-term retention, All appliances and systems are managed by a single user interface. Multiple systems can be deployed in a single site, which allows for full backups up to petabytes.

ExaGrid offers various-sized appliance models that can be mixed and matched with up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system. The largest scale-out system can take in up to a 2.69PB full backup with an ingest rate of 488TB/hr. This is 3X faster than any other backup storage on the market.

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