We Now Live in a Hyperconnected World

In the new hyperconnected world, opportunities are coming at us faster than before—intelligent apps, IoT, machine learning, blockchain and more. Traditional networking excels in the tightly connected world, but was not designed for today where rapidly evolving cloud infrastructure, apps and connected devices are creating both opportunity and risk. The hyperconnected world demands a new level of networking—designed from the ground up to be agile, while remaining rock solid and secure, with visibility across the entire ecosystem.

To keep up, perhaps you’ve expanded to cloud, added more hardware, or more third-party service providers. This has created enormous complexity which has become absurdly difficult to manage. Infrastructure is all over the place and customers are getting their services through multiple environments. All of this introduces risks like breaches, data loss and downtime.

BloxOne™ DDI for Cloud-Managed Network Services

Ensure a Fast, Reliable Computing Experience Everywhere with Cloud-Managed DDI

BloxOne DDI eliminates the management complexity and bottlenecks of traditional branch office DDI.

Using BloxOne DDI, your IT organization can:

  • Radically improve the performance of cloud-based SaaS applications such as Office 365
  • Keep branch locations up and running at all times, even if your WAN connection to headquarters goes down
  • Automate DDI provisioning and management of remote sites in the cloud

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BloxOne™ Threat Defense

Using BloxOne Threat Defense, Organizations Can:

  • Protect their brand by securing every connection, regardless of device or location, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure
  • Slash incident response times by two-thirds through real-time sharing of security event information
  • Spur the performance of SOAR platforms through rich network context and aggregated threat intelligence data
  • Reduce the burden on strained perimeter defenses by 60x
  • Make threat analysts 3x more productive and gain a single pane of glass for incident review with complete forensic data
  • Block DNS-based data exfiltration and malware activity by shutting down communication channels used by malware, DGA and dozens of other threats
  • Mitigate the risks of abuse of growing trends such as DoT (DNS over TLS) or DoH (DNS over HTTPS).

Next-Level Networking

The Foundation for Enterprise Digital Transformation
Watch the video to learn about the Next-Level Network Experience from Infoblox – Secure, cloud-managed services that make networking simple, secure, seamless and worry-free. Because the network that works is the one no one knows about.

Infoblox delivers appliance-based solutions for business-critical DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) and Network Automation. Over 7,700 global enterprises and service providers use Infoblox to control their networks. Infoblox uses actionable network intelligence to deliver control and security from the core.


Why SASE and Why Now?

Businesses are increasingly decentralized, mobile access is the new normal, critical applications now live in the cloud and the traditional network security perimeter has vanished. As a result, existing network architectures can no longer keep up. With SASE, networks evolve from data center appliances to cloud-managed, cloud-delivered containers that secure the user experience—no matter where they are located.

Advanced DNS Protection

Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection Empowers Your Business to:

  • Eliminate DNS service disruption with automated defense against DNS-based volumetric attacks and exploits
  • Automatically update your defenses, using programmable threat protection rules and intelligence drawn from more than two dozen curated threat intelligence feeds
  • Take remedial action faster with single-pane-of-glass visibility into DNS attacks and its sources

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Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection

Network Security

Maximize Your Threat Defense

Infoblox raises network security to a whole new level, enabling you to proactively protect your infrastructure, your data and your business.

Using Infoblox, your security teams can:

  • Automatically discover what’s on the network
  • Automatically detect non-compliant and misconfigured devices
  • Block DNS-based DDoS that can bring critical services down
  • Block data exfiltration that relies on DNS pathways, including DGA family of threats and more, using advanced analytics based on machine learning
  • Secure existing networks and digital transformations like SD-WAN, IoT and hybrid cloud
  • Reduce time to remediation by up to two-thirds through extensive ecosystem integrations
  • Make threat analysts up to three times more effective through automation

BloxOneTM DDI Delivers Direct Access to Office 365

With BloxOnes DDI for Office 365, you can ensure:

  • Reliable, high-performance SaaS and legacy access from thousands of remote sites
  • Centralized visibility, simplified workload management, improved productivity and service administration efficiency
  • Rapid, automated and flexible deployment options with predictable cost


Elevate Performance and Security in Your SD-WAN Branches

Infoblox enables you to reap all the advantages of SD-WAN while reducing its risks.

With Infoblox, your organization can:

  • Enhance user experiences and ensure high availability for cloud-based SaaS applications in branch offices and remote locations
  • Scale DDI services elastically and on demand
  • Fortify SD-WAN branches against pervasive malware, network intrusion and data exfiltration
  • Increase agility by automating DDI provisioning and management of SD-WAN branches from the cloud
  • Deploy flexibly and for less cost using virtual form factors and commodity hardware

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