About the Axiz and Ncomputing Partnership

Axiz traditional business model centers around “ face to face “ engagements with their partners and identifying technology solution roadmaps for success, this has been the core for their Ncomputing partnership which in return has assured partners a successful joint value creation.

Axiz long intuitive relationships with a vast business ecosystem both locally and in Africa and its brand partners to the business which has resulted in the promotion of Ncomputing products through tailored solutions or services relevant in acquiring the customer’s success.

Value Proposition

Axiz is the distributor of Ncomputing solutions.

• Converts older laptops and desktops on the X86 and X64 platforms to high performing thin clients
• It all starts with Ncomputing remarkable Vspace software which creates multiple virtual desktops on a single PC or server each unique desktop is sent to a small end computing device and the device connects to each user own keyboard monitor and mouse and each user can have their own private programs and data is running all at the same time.
• Ncomputing is perfect for schools, governments, and businesses of any size.
• Ncomputing is a versatile solution and improves enterprise architecture.
• Saving you up to 75% on hardware, 75% on maintenance, and 90% on electricity.

It’s little wonder that people love the Ncomputing solution. Ncomputing is an award-winning virtual desktop technology. The desktop technology of the future is here today.

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