Powering Digital Transformation

Micro Focus delivers the speed, agility, security and insights necessary to succeed in an evolving marketplace.

About the Axiz and Micro Focus Partnership

Our commitment to our stakeholders is to be the best and most successful distributor in our region. We strive towards this goal by being the most valued channel for our partners and by contributing to the growth and profitability of our vendors, channel partners, and their customers. Our mission is to create value through excellent service, incremental efficiency realization, demand generation, relevant skills, and access to markets. We strive to be a catalyst in the transformation of the channel by improving our relevance to the market through the continuous improvement of our people, processes, systems, product, and services. We believe that our transformation lies in us building ecosystems that enable our channel to transcend technology to real digital value creation.

Value Proposition

  • Partner Recruitment
  • Partner Enablement
  • Partner Management
  • Program Management
  • Demand Generation
  • 100% Dedicated to the Partner Channel
  • Focused vendor approach
  • Business Planning
  • Focused Vendor Approach
  • Product Information
  • Quoting
  • Order Management
  • Logistics & Expediting
  • Credit Facilities
  • Pre-sales support
  • Marketing
  • Access to our vendor portfolio, which is aligned to Micro Focus e.g. VMware & HPE
  • One-stop shop
  • Access to partner community for support on projects.

Contact us:


Terence Barter | Product Executive
Terence.Barter@info.axiz.com | 072 716 8581

Reagan Watson | Business Development Manager
Reagan.Watson@axiz.com | 082 395 1111


Chantell Kirk | Brand/Marketing Manager
Chantell.Kirk@axiz.com | 084 701 4553

Marlene Van Zyl | Product Administrator/Manager
Marlene.VanZyl@info.axiz.com | 011 654 6242


Camish Dookie | Presales Engineer
Camish.Dookie@info.axiz.com | 061 462 6958