About the Axiz and Oracle Partnership

Axiz is an industry-leading information technology value-added distributor focused on solutions ranging from Edge client devices, Core Data center hardware, and software to cloud software and services.

Our commitment to our stakeholders is to be the best and most successful distributor in our region. Our mission is to create value through excellent service, incremental efficiency realization, demand generation, relevant skills, and access to markets. We provide offerings to our resellers, which include our vendor relationships, relevant skills, access to credit, training and business development.

We remain considerate of the interests of the society, conforming to ethical standards as defined by the law, regulations, internal policies and procedures, and the requirements of our stakeholders including dedication to the promises we make.

We strive to be a catalyst in the transformation of the channel by improving our relevance to the market through the continuous improvement of our people, processes, systems, product, and services. We believe that our transformation lies in our building ecosystems, which enables our channel to transcend technology to real digital value creation.
Axiz is key Africa VAD for Oracle with a proven record of accomplishment to be a reliable, dedicated, and innovation-focused partner. Axiz forms an integral part of the Oracle channel model in terms of execution and engagement with partners throughout the partner life cycle from recruitment, activation, and enablement, through to demand generation, sales closure and order booking.

Axiz/Oracle Partner Cloud Summit, 5 May 2023.

Digital transformation is here, but many companies lack the skills to make the transition to the cloud. Oracle and Axiz are working together to provide training and incentives to channel partners who can help bridge this skills gap and support end-users on their cloud migration journey. This was a key theme at the launch of the Oracle Cloud Partner Summit hosted by Oracle and Axiz recently.

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Value Proposition

Axiz is the Oracle partner’s partner – someone that can help solve a huge number of common sales challenges and help you develop and grow as an Oracle reseller.

• Axiz is a trusted brand in the ITC industry.
• One-stop solution – Axiz offers complete solutions making us the perfect partner for any customer in the ITC industry.
• Understand the local environment – including incumbent players, localized issues and challenges in the region, and other partners in the region that you could work with to deliver a larger or more complete deal
• Ensure compliance – with both Oracle’s order pack requirements, and local regulations and legislation
• Transact in local currency – without having to take on or carry the currency burden yourself
• Handle taxation properly – including managing local VAT requirements, and ensuring your account for all other local taxation requirements
• Manage hardware importing – when a deal requires physical equipment to be shipped in from another country
• Access and offer flexible payment options leveraging our size, expertise, and strong credit position.
• Build and implement valuable marketing campaigns using packaged campaigns containing personalized, Oracle-approved materials.
• Navigate standard and non-standard on-premise and cloud deals with ease by transacting the deals through the Oracle Partner Store.
• Axiz has launched the OASC, the latest value-added service offered as part of its proposition to reinvent distribution. The establishment of the Centre comes as Oracle has a range of product updates and information to the channel.
• BOM Design assistance
• Technical support
• Training/workshops
• Product obsolescence guidance/management
• Customer Service- Experienced and dedicated sales, presales and operations employee’s staff manage the Oracle business. This gives us the ability to support all our customers’ business requirements, including buying decision-making and after-sales service support.
• Supply chain/logistics – distributor is the one that manages the supply chain complexities for all parties involved in the sales cycle.

Contact us:

Bradley McCulloch | Business Unit Manager
Bradley.McCulloch@axiz.com | 082 469 5566


Adolph Strydom | Pre-Sales Engineer
Adolph.Strydom@axiz.com | 079 529 7854


Marius de Beer | Business Development Manager
Marius.deBeer@axiz.com | 074 919 0485


Sonny Mashabane | Pre-Sales Engineer
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