Axiz in Partnership with Trellix:

On January 19th, 2022, McAfee Enterprise and FireEye emerged as Trellix. excited to be part of the transformation to Trellix, and to continue to be a leading-edge provider of the tools that will that help our customers manage their security ecosystem in the face of dynamic threat actors.

When your security learns and adapts at the speed of dynamic and malicious actors, tomorrow’s threats become today’s protection. We call this living security. This is how Trellix brings your security to life.

As the sole distributor for Trellix products in EMEA, Axiz is committed to ensuring all its partners have access to the products and support needed.

With the full suite of Trellix products available and the ability to tap into Axiz’ suite of professional services, partners can now extend the range of security services and products they bring to market.

Value Proposition:

Trellix living security-delivering Extended Detection and Response (XDR) to business and government institutions with a focus on accelerating technology innovation through data science and automation.

At Axiz, we’re focused on the full partner journey, and this is no different from the Trellix solution. Taking our partners through the steps of recruit, enable, grow and transform, helping them grow and expand their offerings.

Partners can also participate in the Trellix partner programme through Axiz, giving them access to certification, promotion, and training. As their status in the programme increases, they can take advantage of the benefits that these tiers offer, including greater discounts.

Products & solutions:

The Trellix XDR ecosystem is designed to accelerate the effectiveness of security operations by providing customers with the capability to ingest over six hundred native and open security technologies.

With a combined product portfolio that spans endpoint, network, messaging, data protection, and cloud services-Trellix has an impressive multi-technology portfolio to address the promise of XDR: Namely:

  • Endpoint Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Collaboration
  • Applications Security
  • Data and Users
  • Infrastructure Security

One Ecosystem

The Trellix Living Security era- in partner security- is comprised of components that come together to work as a single cohesive system, regardless of vendor or underlying architecture.

How the Living Security Ecosystem creates Value for Partners and Customers:

  • Strengthen their threat defense lifecycle with differentiated, lab-tested solutions that are tightly integrated with Trellix leading technologies.
  • Deploy technologies that facilitate faster innovation cycles; build a coordinated, unified defense; and deliver security-based business outcomes.
  • Reduce complexity and improve operational efficiency through integrated, adaptive, and orchestrated intelligence and response capabilities.
  • Add agility and fill strategic security gaps; provide new or improved workflows; and reduce operational costs.

News, Training & Events:

Trellix is focused on delivering an XDR ecosystem leveraging FireEye and McAfee Enterprise’s integrated portfolio. The company’s new branding and its brand promise is to build resilient and confident organizations through living security – security technology that learns and adapts to protect operations from the most advanced threat actors and enables organizations to thrive.

A New Unified approach to XDR:

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