About the Axiz and VMware Partnership


The digital foundation you need for your business solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation through a software-defined approach to business and IT. The trusted infrastructure provider of choice for more than 500,000 customers globally, VMware pioneered virtualization and now delivers a uniquely consistent platform for cloud and business mobility. As a proven leader, we allow you to run, manage, connect, and secure applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment, so you get both freedom and control.

Value Proposition


Axiz VMware are a key distributor of VMware that engages all over South Africa and up to West Africa. We help and enable Partners to grow their VMware business.

We guide partners to create product and business strategies through our business development process.

With our VMware expertise our team support partners in creating opportunities, technical and business solutions.

Together with VMware we create convenience and guide partners through a common platform for all varieties of enterprise computing.

Products and promotions


Comprehensive and continuously growing product portfolio to match all your virtualization needs:

• Compute Virtualization – Build a powerful, flexible, and secure digital foundation with a fully virtualized software-defined data center. Learn more about Virtualization and the Software-Defined Data Center.
• Private & Hybrid Cloud – Create a common operating environment that extends from data center to cloud to edge.
• Cloud Management – Manage hybrid environments running anything from traditional to container workloads with a unified platform.
• Hyper-converged Infrastructure – Integrate compute, storage, and networking into a single, easy-to-manage, software-defined platform.
• Multi-Cloud Operations – Consistently manage and govern your environment across public, private, and hybrid clouds.
• Virtual Cloud Networking – Secure and operate apps and data everywhere with consistent and pervasive connectivity.
• Intrinsic Security – Simplify security by leveraging your infrastructure to protect apps and data from endpoint to cloud.
• Digital Workspace – Make it easy for employees to work anywhere, any time, on any device, without compromising security.
• Desktop & App Virtualization – Streamline your approach to delivering, protecting, and managing desktops and applications.
• App Modernization – Build new cloud-native apps, modernize existing apps, and operate infrastructure that serves them all across any cloud.
• Edge – Leverage IoT and data at the edge with a unified digital foundation. Visit the IoT & Edge Computing Solutions page to learn more.
• Emerging Technologies – Leverage the latest technical innovations for competitive advantage

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Bradley McCulloch | Business Head
Bradley.McCulloch@axiz.com | 082 469 5566

Sipho Malunga | Internal Renewals Agent
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