As technology evolves, so do product offerings and specifications. If anything, it’s only becoming more complex trying to navigate the wide array of options and configurations available. Luckily, HPE has made the process of purchasing hardware via the Axiz website seamless with iQuote, a powerful configuration and quoting tool from HPE that simplifies the buying experience. 

iQuote is an indispensable, user-friendly tool to quickly create accurate quotes, explore top recommendations from HPE and access real-time pricing information and availability. In a world where time is of the essence, iQuote offers efficiency, accuracy and convenience, making it one of the smartest tools for modern IT procurement.

“Axis is the first distributor to offer enterprise solutions – custom-built solutions on storage, servers and Aruba on an e-commerce site,” says Tersia Drummond, Axiz’ service delivery manager. “Where traditionally e-commerce is used for consumables, we have revolutionised the market in offering this self-service solution to customers.” 

HPE iQuote is easy-to-use thanks to a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow that not only simplifies, but accelerates the process of preparing quotations for HPE products and solutions. It accelerates the quoting process, minimizes errors and provides access to discounts, allowing HPE resellers to spending less time on administrative tasks. The integrated technical validation checks ensure accuracy and enable resellers at all levels of expertise to quickly generate their own quotes. 

iQuote makes it easy to quickly find best-selling HPE products, solutions and recommended options, find technical product answers without calling pre-sales support and create fast, accurate configurations. For example, as a quote is created, iQuote will show all of the compatible options for each system and even validates that all of the configuration rules are followed. “Using iQuote, you can only select the necessary components that are compatible. This makes it really easy for a customer to configure their own system,” adds Drummond. “You can also select pre-configured solutions, see saved quotes and make changes, see ongoing promotions and training. It’s really a powerful tool.”

Flex Offers

Using the integrated HPE iQuote configuration tool, resellers can build their own SMB solutions and unlock Flex Offer discounts and special deals on HPE servers, storage, networking, and services. HPE Flex Offer configurations offer the best pricing on ready-to-ship customised solutions straight from Axiz’s inventory, ensuring fast delivery. Preapproved discounts eliminate the need to request special pricing for smaller transactional deals, and through attaching options, resellers can increase their revenue and margin and grow their HPE business. 

Flex Offers provide an easy way for customers to access discounted HPE enterprise solutions through iQuote, even without a pre-existing partnership. “We have a dedicated section for all HPE products, showing everything that is on ‘Flex Offer’ for that particular month. You can then also see how much stock we have of that particular item,” adds Drummond. “This solution is for anyone who wants to buy HPE products.”

Resellers can also earn Engage & Grow points on FlexOffers through iQuote. Engage & Grow is HPE’s fully automated, award-winning channel incentive programme that rewards resellers for selling eligible HPE products and solutions – and one bonus point equals one Euro!


With iQuote, the days of requesting a quote and waiting are over. Everything is right there on the screen, along with inventory levels for each product. And when you’re ready to order, you just click a button and the quote will be pushed down to your distributor’s order system or shopping cart. “There’s no human interaction, the system does the work for you. A process that used to take two to three days can now happen in ten minutes,” says Drummond. “From our pricing to our ERP system, everything is integrated and automated. Once you realise the benefits, there’s no turning back!

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