Micro Focus Content Manager is the best Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to help your organisation manage its content – including its structured and unstructured data.

This empowers your organisation to leverage this data and generate insights and analytics that can help you improve your operations.

For structured data, Micro Focus Content Manager has a dedicated tool that has been built to help you discover and protect this important resource.

This tool, called Structured Data Manager, preserves this data’s business value, reduces the total cost of ownership, increases productivity, and helps you manage this data’s lifecycle.

For unstructured data, Content Manager offers a built-in tool called ControlPoint that allows you to meet privacy needs that are often overlooked when content is inactive or only accessed when generating reports.

ControlPoint even handles data buried within file shares, as well as data from SharePoint sites that are not governed.

File management

Micro Focus Content Manager also provides all the necessary management tools for your files.

File Reporter gives you insight into the metadata and permissions of all files stored on your storage devices and in your Microsoft 365 cloud through apps like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

This allows you to analyze your file system data to gain insight into your existing data, as well as how access is derived.

You can then respond quickly to any audit or attestation challenges.


In addition to this, Micro Focus Content Manager leverages the full benefits of automation to provide a superior product to its clients.

It provides comprehensive automation capabilities across rules, classifications, and workflow capabilities to make it easy to capture and manage content across the entire content-generation process – from creation to dispersal.

This functionality will improve the efficiency of your staff, and provides significant security and performance benefits.

In South Africa, Micro Focus Content Manager is available from leading ICT distributor Axiz.

Axiz has a strong reputation in the South African ICT industry and brings extensive industry know-how to vendors and partners through over 30 years of experience.

It is therefore the perfect partner to help you implement Micro Focus Content Manager.

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