The rise of e-commerce has made it essential for online stores to be prepared for spikes in traffic volumes, and Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud is the perfect solution to this challenge.

This tool lets online businesses stress test their digital platforms so they know how many users they can handle at any one time and informs them when they need to scale up their cloud resources to meet rising demands.

Businesses that don’t use a solution like LoadRunner Cloud risk major financial losses should they receive a spike in traffic that they can’t handle.

In fact, research shows that businesses worldwide lose up to R45 billion to downtime every year.

Downtime is an even bigger concern with Black Friday coming up, as you don’t want to be the online retailer whose website crashes during this important period – resulting in a significant loss of sales.

LoadRunner Cloud is the best way to protect yourself against this threat of downtime. Here’s how it works.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud

Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud provides your software delivery team with cloud-based performance testing that is easy, fast, and far more affordable than its competitors.

The tool lets you stress test the capacity of your website and apps by simulating as many as five million virtual users from different geographic locations across the world.

This allows you to test your systems against an extensive range of realistic global user scenarios – such as mobile-heavy or desktop-heavy traffic – without needing to invest in any extra hardware.

You can also simulate different network types thanks to built-in network emulation.

Further benefits include:

  • Faster testing and problem identification through root cause analysis.
  • Flexible testing model that reduces hardware maintenance.
  • Optimised application performance even before deployment.

Once the tests are done, Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud provides your team with extensive analytics data reports that show your systems’ strengths and weaknesses – including whether they are capable of handling the loads you expect.

These valuable metrics then show how your applications behave under different virtual load types and allow you to compare benchmarks between older and current tests to track improvements to your systems.

Through all of these analytics, your IT team and systems will be equipped to handle both expected and unexpected traffic demands.

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When you consider all the benefits LoudRunner Cloud provides, it’s easy to see why companies choose it for their performance testing needs.

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