As data management evolves, organisations are always on the hunt for innovative solutions for efficiently storing, managing and accessing their data. At HPE, the answer is Alletra, a family of reliable and simplified storage solutions designed to meet the unique data storage needs of modern enterprises.


With HPE Alletra, organisations can harness the power of high-performance, low-latency and highly scalable storage to support their critical applications and workloads.


10 reasons businesses choose HPE Alletra:


  1. High performance

HPE Alletra is engineered for high-performance computing. It leverages the speed and reliability of all-flash storage to deliver exceptional IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and low-latency data access, ensuring critical applications run smoothly and efficiently.


  1. Low latency

With its low-latency design, HPE Alletra reduces the time it takes to access and retrieve data. This means applications respond faster, resulting in a better user experience and improved productivity.


  1. Scalability

HPE Alletra is designed to grow alongside an organisation’s data needs. As data storage requirements increase, it’s easy to scale the storage capacity without experiencing a drop in performance or availability. This scalability ensures infrastructure can adapt to changing demands.


  1. Flexibility

The HPE Alletra family offers various models, including hybrid and all-flash options, catering to different performance and cost requirements. This flexibility allows organisations to select the ideal storage solution for their specific use cases.


  1. Data reduction

HPE Alletra includes data reduction technologies like deduplication and compression, which help organisations optimise their storage space and reduce costs. These features are particularly beneficial for environments with data-intensive workloads.


  1. Simplified management

HPE Alletra includes management tools that simplify the administration and monitoring of storage infrastructure. This simplicity allows IT teams to manage their data more effectively and focus on strategic tasks rather than routine maintenance.


  1. Enterprise-grade reliability

Reliability is paramount in modern data storage and HPE Alletra meets these requirements with its enterprise-grade architecture. Redundancy, fault tolerance and data protection features ensure data remains available and secure.


  1. Data mobility

HPE Alletra allows for data mobility, which is crucial in today’s dynamic business landscape. You can easily move and replicate data across different storage arrays, locations, or cloud providers, ensuring data availability and business continuity.


  1. Integration with advanced technologies

HPE Alletra integrates seamlessly with modern technologies such as containers, virtualisation and cloud platforms, enabling organisations to embrace hybrid and multi-cloud strategies while maintaining data integrity and security. With HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AIOps for infrastructure, app disruptions are eliminated so applications are always-on and always-fast.


  1. Sustainability

HPE Alletra is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint and align with green IT initiatives by optimising power and cooling requirements.


As the market leader in high-performance, low-latency and scalable data storage solutions, HPE Alletra has made a significant impact on the data storage industry since its inception.


And with HPE InfoSight built-in, businesses can predict and prevent disruptions before they occur across the stack, pinpointing issues between storage, VMs and under-utilised virtual resources. HPE InfoSight’s AI-driven recommendations take the guesswork out of managing HPE Alletra while delivering predictive support automation and direct access to experts to avoid time-consuming escalations.


Whether it’s supporting critical applications, data-intensive workloads, or hybrid cloud strategies, HPE Alletra is a powerful storage solution that’s at the top of its class, perfect for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of their data.

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